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The Media Team




Nicola Holley (left), Shalim Ali (middle) and Lilly Cook (right) were part of Heart n Soul’s Media Team, a training course that ran from 2010-2012.

They were our first participants who actively generated media content for Heart n Soul to share with our audiences.

Since then Nicola has become a photographer. Lilly has become a freelance journalist. She is also a Heart n Soul Trustee, SoundLab artist and part of the Heart n Soul radio team. Shalim has made films for Heart n Soul. He is also part of Heart n Soul’s radio team and one of our Trustees.

In their portrait Nicola wanted to be seen as bold and brave. Shalim wanted to be seen as a strong, confident role model. Lilly wanted to be seen as a strong articulate woman in her own right.

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