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Photographer: Hugo Glendinning

We're continuing to revisit each year of Heart n Soul since it began in 1986. We asked Heart n Soul Chief Executive and co-founder Mark Williams what happened in 1994...

"1994 was the culmination of a relationship with BBC Two’s disability programmes unit (DPU), who commissioned us to make a half hour film about Heart n Soul called 'Breaking the Rules' directed by Ollie Huddleston.

"We took inspiration from the show that we opened that year called ‘Hearts on Fire’ and used some of the songs and scenes from that show in the film. ‘Hearts on Fire’ was the first show where we collaborated with other artists outside of Heart n Soul.

"We worked with performance artist Pascale Brannon and filmmaker Pax Nindi who ran a company called Pax Vision. The show was set in the future and made use of low-fi tech innovation and featured lots of projections."

On the left you can see the entire episode of 'Breaking the Rules' and a promo photo for 'Hearts on Fire' featuring Geoffrey Goodall and Winston Green. 

Keep an eye out for our 1995 Heart n Soul memory next week!

marchSandra Reynolds