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We’ve been looking back on each of the 30 years of Heart n Soul as we celebrate our 30th birthday and get ready for The Big 30 Summer Takeover this July.

Heart n Soul co-founder Mark Williams told us about what made 1996 so special…

“1996 was a landmark year for Heart n Soul, as it was our 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion we organised the Art from the Heart festival at The Albany, two weeks of Heart n Soul performances alongside international artists and performers from France, Austria and Luxembourg. The first week of the festival featured Heart n Soul’s show ‘Roar’.

“We had invited UK theatre companies to join us and perform including the Strathcona Theatre Company and The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company based in Newcastle. Heart n Soul helped the Lawnmowers set up a regular club event, the Krocodile Club, which still takes place in Gateshead and is part of the Clubs Network across the country. We also put on a free outdoor live Heart n Soul Experience performance on 5 November, with the performers arriving on Harley Davidson motorbikes and a huge firework display being let off from the roof off the Albany in collaboration with Emergency Exit Arts.

“Now, 20 years later while we’re looking forward to Heart n Soul’s Big 30 Summer Takeover and celebrating our 30th anniversary, it feels like a lot has happened since Heart n Soul turned 10!”

On the left you can see reviews of the festival in Time Out London, The Mercury and even a German publication. They use the poster image for the festival, featuring Heart n Soul singer and dancer Andy Bridle.

Keep an eye out for our next post about the year 1997!

maySandra Reynolds