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Photograph: Patrick Baldwin

We are looking back on each of Heart n Soul’s 30 years and this time we are taking on 1998!

This is the year that Heart n Soul was running three different performance companies in addition to the touring company who were the original Heart n Soul performers: Positive Hearts, Dizzy Hearts and a young people’s project Heart n Soul Youth, which we worked on with Greenvale School. The performance companies were a result of the interest created by the training schemes established in 1993 and the Beautiful Octopus Club in 1995.

The demand to perform had intensified, so in each performance company around 10 performers worked with two session leaders to devise original music theatre productions to be performed at The Beautiful Octopus Club and The Squidz Club.

Positive Hearts also toured around schools in London, Liverpool and Newcastle to tell people about Heart n Soul and perform original songs and theatre.

In the photograph on the left you can see Brenda, Mark and Kelly from Dizzy Hearts.

Keep an eye out for our next post about Heart n Soul as we count down to our Big 30 Summer Takeover starting in July!

juneSandra Reynolds