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In 2000 Heart n Soul gained one of its key artists, the brilliant Lizzie Emeh. Lizzie began with a bang, doing her first shows in Dusseldorf, Germany, despite having only sung in open mic sessions at The Beautiful Octopus Club prior to this.

Lizzie went on to become the first solo artist with a learning disability to release an album of original songs in the UK and is still one of Heart n Soul’s most prominent artists. She is also one of our Big 30 contributors. You can see a video of Lizzie speak about The Big 30 project here.

By the turn of the millennium Heart n Soul had seen a true club explosion! We were now running The Beautiful Octopus Club eight times a year at The Albany, twice a year in Croydon and twice a year in Jacksons Lane, plus The Squidz Club three times a year.

The year 2000 also saw the Heart n Soul Experience go to Glastonbury for the second year running and begin recording tracks for the Heart n Soul Blue Album, a brand new album of contemporary Heart n Soul music.

You can see one of the first press cuttings about Lizzie Emeh, plus articles about The Beautiful Octopus Club in the Big Issue, Evening Standard and South London Press, on the left.

Find out about the Heart n Soul Blue Album in the next post looking back on 2002! 

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