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2011: Allsorts and Do Your Own Thing: The Taking Part revolution

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2011 was the year Heart n Soul really opened up to more young people and adults who wanted to take part and explore new ways of expressing themselves.

Do your Own Thing was the successor to our Heart n Soul Youth project and moved from a music theatre session once a week to five sessions taking place monthly at Midi Music in Deptford. Midi Music is run by Big 30 interviewee Wozzy Brewster and was formerly known as the Lewisham Academy of Music (where pre-Heart n Soul members first got together in 1984).

Allsorts started because adults at Heart n Soul were asking for more opportunities to regularly take part. We wanted to find a way to offer people regular new ways to try things and grow the Heart n soul community. Both these projects are continuing and thriving today and are essential ways that participants can grow, develop and add their creative voices to what we do.

On the left is the original Allsorts promo and the Do Your Own Thing superhero’s film, which also illustrates how we were beginning to engage with more digital tools and filmmaking.

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julySandra Reynolds