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2014: SoundLab

SoundLab grew out of what we had discovered and learnt during the Dean Rodney Singers project. We wanted to continue to find out how different music making tech devices could be connected to each other and be more accessible to learning disabled participants and artists. We were successful in applying for the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and worked with the Goldsmiths University EAVI Department and Public Domain Corp for 18 months to explore how this would work!

SoundLab was first tested at The Beautiful Octopus Club in 2013; it gave audiences the chance to take part in a live music jam using iPad’s and other music tech devices like the Alphasphere and the Moog Theremini.

As a result of having this opportunity we invented the Heart n Soul SoundLab Playspace (video on the left) and lay the ground work for the young digital band Electric Fire to start. We also created a brand new Make Your SoundLab website and the whole project was recognised when we won the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Resource Award - Music Teacher Awards For Excellence in 2016.

Experience SoundLab at our SoundLab Playrave event this Friday 28 July // 7pm - 11pm. More information here.

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