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Click on the images to see more! Photography by Christopher Andreou and Getty Images.

The Big 30 Summer Takeover has begun! Heart n Soul art installations are now on display in seven different locations across Deptford.

You can see brand new portraits created by photographer Franklyn Rodgers and hear interviews from The Big 30 Archive in Deptford Lounge throughout the whole of July. Heart n Soul have also taken over The Albany cafe, Buster Mantis, a Deptford Market Yard window, the old HSBC building, Call & Response and the Could be Good studio. Find out more about what you can see at each of the installations here.

During your visit you can also listen to our special Big 30 highlights podcast, featuring interviews and music from The Big 30 Archive. Find out how to download the podcast to your phone or mobile device here.

At The Big 30 Installation you will have the chance to tell us your thoughts and become part of our 30th interview! So please come on down and be part of the celebrations!

See more photos of the Big 30 installations here.

Don't forget we have a fantastic programme of events you can attend too. More information is available on The Big 30 website.

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