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Photographer: Robert Stone

Accompanying all the Heart n Soul shows were the Heart n Soul band. In the band were the Jodelko brothers: Jan Jodelko on drums and Rikki Jodelko on guitars, Mark Williams on bas­s and Ned Smith on keyboards. Three out of the four musicians had a visual impairment. Here is a picture of Mark and Jan from 1989 performing as part of the show called the ‘Dungeon of Love’. We asked Mark to explain a bit more about it...

‘This show is all about a group of adults who were captured by the love devil who wanted to keep them trapped in the Dungeon of Love where they would be forever treated as children. The set for the show included a giant chocolate bar and giant tubes of fruit pastilles. People who tried to escape were put in the hug machine, which were a pair of giant hands that hugged them to death! In the show there would be a moment when the band would play ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye and Geoff Goodall would go into the audience and bring someone into the hug machine where they’d have an experience of being smothered with love.’

Look out for 1990 next week as we continue sharing our Heart n Soul memories!

febSandra Reynolds