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Ariel, one of Heart n Soul's young participants, spent a week doing work experience in the Heart n Soul office. Read Ariel's blog post about Heart n Soul's trip to the London Metropolitan Archives, where The Big 30 Archive will be available to everyone from July onwards...

Last week Heart n Soul went to the London Metropolitan Archives! We travelled there and back by train and tube.

When we arrived we were given a presentation of the history of the London Archives. 

We were also given a tour of the London Metropolitan Archives and a woman called Poppy told us about the history of London, we also visited storerooms where documents from the past had been in storage for many years.

There was also an exhibition that we looked around which showed us different things in London’s history throughout time.

Towards the end of the visit we went back to the room where we were shown the presentation and looked at old pictures and maps of London and its life in the past.   

I also interviewed people about how they were enjoying their time at the London Metropolitan Archives. They are looking forward to The Big 30 celebrations in July.   


Photographer: Ariel Botto

febSandra Reynolds