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Below you can hear another preview of a Big 30 interview. This time we hear Terry Crewe talking to Lilly and Cherry from the interview team. Terry has been connected with Heart n Soul since it began, when he was a day service operator with Day Centres and would regularly drive people to Heart n Soul events.

In the below clip you can hear how frustrating Terry found the culture of some of the Day Centres he first worked with. He describes people with learning disabilities at the Day Centres being limited to factory work, packing screws, nails and glassware, and not being given the skills they needed to get through life.

For years now Terry has been running Tuesday Club, a weekly club night in South London for people with learning disabilities, which is attended by many of the Heart n Soul crew. 


See a word cloud on the below which shows other topics discussed in Terry's interview and remember to check back this summer when we'll be making all the interviews available!

You can hear another early preview of a Big 30 interview here, when Heart n Soul band, The Fish Police, chatted to the interview team.

maySandra Reynolds