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Here is is a sneak peek from Pino Frumiento's recent photoshoot.

Pino co-founded Heart n Soul in 1986 with Mark Williams and in 2010 was awarded an MBE for his services to disability arts.

All of the interviewees for The Big 30 Archive will have their portrait created by photographer Franklyn Rodgers, so we'll be bringing you previews now and again from Frank's photoshoots.

Everyone has been asked how they would like to appear in their portrait. Pino has had a long career of songwriting and his work is heavily inspired by romance, which explains the heart shape in this photograph. 

This image will probably change a lot between now and July, as Franklyn works to create Pino's finished portrait.

Keep an eye out for more previews as the photoshoots continue...

Photographer: Franklyn Rodgers

janSandra Reynolds