Big 30

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Artwork: Ben Connors

We are really excited that The Big 30 interviews are going be kept in the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), as it will be the first time that people with learning disabilities are really represented in the UK's recorded history. The content that we give to the LMA will be important for researchers and academics in years to come as it will give an honest account of the changes that learning disability culture and disability arts have gone through over the last 30 years.

The illustration to the left, by artist Ben Connors, was inspired by conversations had around academic study in relation to The Big 30 when the project was first being planned out. You can see in the bottom right hand corner of the illustration there is a 'missing part' to the academia puzzle. The Big 30 project being archived at the LMA will be the first step to filling this gap in the UK's history.

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febSandra Reynolds