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Photographer: Leon Morris

This image is from the 1991 Heart n Soul show, The Power of Life. Here we can see one of the original Heart n Soul members, Sara Stevens, playing the Earth Woman. We asked Sara how her first starring role felt…

‘This is me as the Earth Woman. I was pretty nervous because it was my first time playing the main role, but I started relaxing when we started rehearsing together. We rehearsed every day for a few weeks!

‘In this photo I am losing my mind and having visions. When the Earth Woman completely loses her mind that’s when the power of life begins, so this is quite near the beginning of the story. Other people at Heart n Soul played parts like Mama Earth and Papa Pollution… We took this show on tour around the country and performed in a marquee in Luxembourg too!.’

This second photo is of Sara and Geoff Goodall performing The Power of Life on stage in Luxembourg.

And below you can see the poster for the show (designed by Tam Gilbert), featuring Cheryl Lyte (another of our Big 30 interviewees) as Mama Earth.

Keep an eye out next week for our 1992 Heart n Soul memory!

febSandra Reynolds