Big 30




Heart n Soul is a creative arts charity that believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities. It is based at the Albany in Deptford. To mark Heart n Soul's 30th birthday we created this Big 30 Archive website with interviews, portraits and videos to celebrate artists, participants, staff and supporters with and without learning disabilities.

Below are introductory videos that tell you all about Heart n Soul, what it does and what The Big 30 Archive is all about.


What is the Big 30?


Show this video to your class as an introduction to the schools resource. Ask them to tell you:

What does Heart n Soul do as a charity?
What are they celebrating? 


Who is Heart n Soul?


Show this interview with Tilley and Del to your class and ask them to think about the following things:

What is autism?
What does it mean to have Asperger syndrome?
What does Tilley think people can learn from Heart n Soul?