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Photographer: Robert Stone

Rikki Jodelko, guitarist, musician  “This was a big year for European touring for Heart n Soul, we did a tour of Belgium, Holland and Germany. It was probably the longest time we had been away; we were away for 8 to 9 days. We were staying in 3 places; Breda, Maastricht and Dusseldorf. In Dusseldorf it was quite a rough hostel - four to a room and communal showers. We noticed that people had tried to set fire to the walls with their lighters in the hopes of melting the walls! We were woken by loud drunken Germans but you know ‘happy days’.

We also travelled to Luxembourg. This was the year of the Luxembourg passports debacle! We got to Heathrow, I showed my passport at the desk and a young man’s French-accented voice comes back at me, “But it’s a woman!”  I’d only gone and picked Hat’s (Rikki Jodelko’s wife) passport instead of mine. We had to jump through a few loops to get on the plane. We stayed there a few times over our touring history. We were travelling in mini buses at this stage. Mark used to take his car abroad - there were at least 16 with us on tour.

Eupen was the first German speaking town I’d been to in Belgium. Mark Williams ‘This was the introduction to your alter ego Dr. Schwippen, Rikki!’. Unlike me who is all things German some people didn’t like the pork and the hard to eat bread. I was chatting the asses off of every German in site. I remember one of the German gigs, we were taking time to clear the venue and one of the venue staff gave a quote ‘Everything has got it’s time’.”

On the left is a video of the first ever Heart n Soul promo.

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