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We are really happy to reveal Heart n Soul co-founder and Big 30 interviewee Pino Frumiento’s first short film, ‘What is Love?’. The film explores the idea of love through Pino’s eyes. He raises questions around loneliness, companionship and romance, and also what it feels like to be a person with a learning disability.

We asked Pino about why he made the film:

‘I said to myself, why not try something different? I’ve written my own songs, why not my own film!

'The film is something from my heart. There are a lot of people with a disability who can be stuck indoors - no one to go out with. I want this film to make them feel they should understand that they are human beings. We are people. Just because we have a disability or we might look different it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like us. If anybody else can have a proper relationship, then why can’t we? That’s the reason I made the film – to try and change that and get everybody mixing together.’

The film also represents a lot of what Heart n Soul's Big 30 project is about, giving people with learning disabilities a platform to tell their stories, their way.

‘What is Love’ was written and directed by Pino Frumiento and made in collaboration with Could be Good. It can be viewed on this page and our YouTube channel.

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