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Road Trip was a documentary / magic realism film that featured six people from Heart n Soul and was made by Keo films for Channel 4.

It was the first time learning disabled people had been on primetime television and the show went out on a Sunday between 7pm-8pm. It wasn’t a film about Heart n Soul but it featured people who had important roles in Heart n Soul. They were Ono Dafedjaiye, Paul Bewell, Janet Bobin, Pino Frumiento, Kelly Bashford and Danny Smith; Ono, Pino and Danny are all Big 30 interviewees.

We went from Lands End to John O’Groats in Scotland on a red double decker bus similar to the one they had in the film “Summer Holiday” (which featured Cliff Richard). Cliff Richard made a surprise appearance and sang Summer Holiday live with Pino on the top deck of the bus. Audience figures showed that over a million people tuned in!

Ono‘The road trip made me feel like I was a film star...  It was fun and we should definitely do it again!’

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