Big 30

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Huge thanks to Ben Connors for the illustrations and Felipe Pagani for making the film.

The Big 30 Summer takeover celebrations begin next week and we're very excited! Come down to Deptford and see our installations in The Albany, Deptford Lounge, Could be Good, Call and Response and Deptford Market Yard from Wednesday 5 July until Sunday 30 July. Find out more about our installations around Deptford here.

One of our highlights of our Big 30 Summer is our amazing event "Heart n Soul presents Good Times: A Celebration of 30 years" on Thursday 13 July where you can see live performances from our Heart n Soul artists Lizzie Emeh, Fish Police, Pino Frumiento and more! Get your tickets here.

Check out our brand new Big 30 teaser promo on the left where you can find out more about The Big 30 and all the great things we've got planned for July.


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