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Photographer: Leon Morris

Following on from last week’s photo: The Longest, this week we have two photos from 1988. Mark Williams who is the co-founder of Heart n Soul has told us all about the two major events...

‘This was Disabled Artists Day in Covent Garden in August; it was the first time Heart n Soul performed to a large mainstream audience. It confirmed that whatever we were doing had value and was really reaching people, and the artists grabbed the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of people. In the photograph you can see them being filmed by BBC TV’s One In Four disability magazine programme; this was a real ground-breaking moment of exposure for Heart n Soul as a company.’

‘In December 1989 we also recorded, released and launched the first Heart n Soul single at The House Of Commons, which was called ‘Peace On Earth’. It was different because unlike a traditional charity single which was done on behalf of ‘poor deserving people’ this was a single that was made and performed by a group of disabled people themselves’.

On the left you can see a picture of the front and back of the Album cover, which was designed by Tam Gilbert, plus the Peace on Earth video.

Look out for 1989 next week!

febSandra Reynolds