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Photographer: Frank Rodgers

Photographer: Franklyn Rodgers

This week's preview is from Ono Dafedjaiye's photo shoot. 

Ono has been a member of the Heart n Soul staff team for over 12 years, first as Communications Assistant and now as Taking Part Assistant.

She first got involved in Heart n Soul when co-founder Mark met her working as an usher at The Albany Theatre, where we are based, and asked if she would like to be part of it.

Since then Ono has taken part in the Channel 4 TV programme Road Trip (2005), where she and others from Heart n Soul interviewed people around the UK; she frequently acts as a Heart n Soul ambassador including on a trip to Madrid with Art-is, a project bringing together artists with learning disabilities and arts organisations around Europe; and she runs sessions at our creative days for adults with learning disabilities, Allsorts - her cake decorating sessions go down particularly well.

As with all of these previews, the final portrait will change a lot between now and July as Franklyn Rodgers works his magic on it!

Keep an eye out for more previews coming up...

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