Big 30

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Artwork: Ben Connors

Here we have another drawing from the talented artist Ben Connors. While we were originally planning The Big 30 project Ben listened to our ideas and illustrated them to make them accessible for everyone.

This picture explores how we would like the project to make people feel. Collecting 30 stories from Heart n Soul participants, artists, volunteers and friends is just the first part of the process. Next we want to share them with the public in a way that will make people think and feel and start seeing the world through the eyes of people with learning disabilities.

We have almost finished interviewing people, so now it's time to start designing an art installation that will allow people to see them and hear their stories. The installation will be on display in July at The Deptford Lounge, a local library and community hub. We will also be bringing The Big 30 stories to the masses with concerts, talks and club nights around Deptford. More details coming soon!

marchSandra Reynolds