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Photos from training schemes and Heart n Soul show 'Melting Moments'. Click on the photos to see more. 

Photos from a Heart n Soul exchange trip to Greece.

This week we're looking back on the year 1993 at Heart n Soul. We asked co-founder Mark Williams what was happening that year:

“In 1993 we were in our second year of running our training schemes. One was a Music, Theatre and Workshop Leading Skills course and the other was in Technical Backstage Theatre Skills. They were funded as part of a regeneration project that was happening in Deptford supported by the City Challenge Fund as well as the Deptford Task Force. The training schemes gave us a chance to work with new people and to find ways to describe how we were all working as well as exploring new areas of work in the technical training course.

"We partnered with groups in Greece, Belgium and Luxembourg and went on some exchange visits. We ran a residency in Athens. We’ve got some photos of the first show that we put on at the end of the first course called ‘Melting Moments’. We asked Janet Bobin and Sally Anne Middleton to join the touring company as a result of the course. You can see Janet wearing a Euro Disney T-Shirt playing her organ on a giant pat of Deptford butter in the photo!

"One of the things we learnt from the training schemes was that a one-year course can raise unrealistic expectations.  In fact, Heart n Soul went on to build relationships with many people from these training courses over the years and they also ended up being the core of the Octopus Crew who supported the running of The Beautiful Octopus Club in 1995.”

Click on the photographs to the left to flick through the slideshow and keep an eye out for our 1994 Heart n Soul memory next week!

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