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When we started planning The Big 30 project we gave everyone the option to tell their story in a creative way, rather than give a straight forward interview. We thought this would make the approach more accessible and fun for everyone.

After discussions with our participants, artists, volunteers and friends who are recording stories for the archive, we now have some really interesting creative approaches!

For example, Heart n Soul band Too Hot For Candy decided to film a whole music video. With the help of filmmaker Simon Panrucker they created a colourful scene and performed their songs in new and interesting ways. Take a look at the gallery of photos on the left by clicking on the photos.

In July you will be able to see the finished video alongside all The Big 30 interviews. Like the interviews, the video will be included in the final archive that we give to the London Metropolitan Archives. What a treat they have in store!

You can find out more about Too Hot For Candy on our website here.

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