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We have a very special sneak peek from Franklyn Rodgers’ Big 30 photoshoots this week. Franklyn went with Heart n Soul artist Tilley Milburn to a vintage bus station in Essex for her shoot!

Tilley is quite a fanatic about buses, with a particular love of this World War Two RT bus, pictured on the left. Tilley is so passionate about this bus that she even has it on her wallpaper at home, which is why she chose it as the set for her Big 30 portrait. She tells us there are only two buses like this in the world, but thanks to Tilley’s friends in high places (Tony at Ensign Buses, who has his own bus preservation group) she and Franklyn managed to spend a few hours taking photos.

You’ll have to wait until later this year to see what the finished portrait looks like - we’re sure it will be worth the wait!

marchSandra Reynolds