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Photographer Franklyn Rodgers has been busy taking photos of The Big 30 interviewees. Here you can see two lovely polaroids of one of Heart n Soul’s key artists, Lizzie Emeh.

Among other achievements, Lizzie was the first solo artist with a learning disability to launch their own album. The debut album Loud and Proud, launched in 2009, has been followed by two more EPs, The Clan and My Baboo, and Lizzie has performed all over the world with Heart n Soul – at Glastonbury, in Asia, Europe and around the UK to thousands of people.

Lizzie says: ‘I hope that when people hear us they will be inspired by what people with learning disabilities can do. We need to push boundaries and educate people, so that musicians, artists and anyone with a learning disability won’t hide away or feel like their disability will hold them back.’

You can see live performances by Lizzie Emeh on our YouTube channel.

As with our other Big 30 portrait ‘sneak peeks’, this image will change a lot between now and July, while Franklyn works his magic on it!

Keep an eye out for more photos and previews on the news pages of The Big 30 website.

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